Recycling Picture Frames

Recycling Picture Frames

This is a nice idea to use old photos, wallpaper scraps and postcards by grouping them together in complimentary photo frames. It is a really inexpensive to do and makes a great statement.


If you have a feature wall , enhance the plain walls by framing small sections from the wallpaper left overs. It really brings the room together.


You can use old black and white photographs or postcards which can be photocopied, you don’t need to use originals. Wallpaper retailers are always happy to give samples, I especially found Laura Ashley assistants very happy to offer generous samples and most of the designs photographed are by Laura Ashley. (Some may be discontinued)

Picture frames are sold everywhere but can be picked up very cheaply in charity shops or car boot sales. Wooden frames can be painted and may be distressed to give a shabby chic effect.


All the picture frames shown were put together by me and hardly cost a penny to make. Some would be quite expensive to buy in a shop and mass produced, these are all unique.

Laura Ashley Wallpaper       Pimlico, Blue Toile, Bird of Paradise.

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