12 Small Things That REALLY annoy me!

12 Small Things That REALLY annoy me!

I’ve been thinking lately about all the little things we hate and I mean really hate. I’m not talking about World politics, religion or anything that is greatly important. These are little tiny niggles, that get right under your skin and make you want to explode!

I will make a list of mine but I really want to know yours too.

1.  This is what I was referring to in the title post. You know when you ask someone if they’re o.k and they reply “Yes fine thanks”. They are clearly not fine! Anything but fine. So you step carefully and say “Are you sure?” to get the reply “No honestly, I am fine!”. If you’re not fine, just say “I’m having a bad day” then we can move on

2.  Why can’t I open a child-proof bottle top without removing a layer of skin on my fingers?  Trust me I don’t want to drink the bleach I just want to clean the toilet!

3.  I hate supermarket shopping but it has to be done, ………preferably as quickly as possible. So I feel like tearing my hair out when shoppers congregate in the aisles to have a good old chat. The gossip is so interesting that they forget about their trollies and abandon them……..right next to the bread, milk, eggs etc, in other words just where you need to see. I would like a sign next to essentials saying ” No Stopping”

4.  Cryptic Facebook posts eg someone says “Charlie is feeling scared at City Hospital” or “Sam is very excited at Heathrow Airport”  Then there are the ones who post “You’ll never guess what just happened! So everyone responds but they never reply.

5.  Please say thank you, it doesn’t hurt.

6.  Bras


7.  I really can’t be bothered with magic tricks. You never find out how it is done and it will haunt you for the rest of your life. Show me how you do it and I might be impressed. (Don’t even get me started on the rabbits)

8.  Precocious children. I love children but they should be enjoying their childhood not acting like adults…..go climb a tree!


9.  if your dog is cold put a warm coat on him. Please do not dress him as a pumpkin and post on Twitter, there is just no need.

10.  People who say  “like” too much. I mean like five times in one sentence. Oops!

11.  Neighbours who are so competent that they will be out clearing the snow from the drive………while it is still snowing!

12.  People who really upset you and then say “I was only joking”. It is not an excuse so that you can hurt people’s feelings and not feel bad. Be kind!

frustration 2

Okay that’s enough for now, I am completely seething after writing this post.Please tell me that it’s not just me.
















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  1. I’m with you on so many of those! Child proof lids… Grrr
    ‘I was only joking!’ Yeah. Right. They generally mean exactly what they say and then try to make it your fault you’re hurt.
    Why is it that people who want to ‘help’ (I’m talking adults here) always seem to want to wash the dishes? And they can’t wash dishes without leaving little bits stuck on.

      1. I can’t seem to convince anyone that I’m not just being polite when I say I’d rather do them myself. I need to be meaner…

  2. This is great! I’m with you on 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, & 12!
    BRAS especially! I found this awesome piece that circulated about a year ago and it was called “What Should Women Over 30 Wear?” and it’s about 15 pics of incredible outfits and some relaxed ones and under each pic it says “Whatever the F*** They Want!”

    I have to give 1 a bit of an explanation from my end – I have nasty fibromyalgia, chronic pain (obviously- why that needs a second diagnosis IDK) and chronic fatigue. When someone asks me how I am doing and I am just trying to get through the day, sometimes “I’m fine” is my answer. And it’s not just my answer to you, it’s my answer to me because if I don’t keep saying it, if I admit just how bad I feel when I HAVE to get things done, I won’t be able to keep going.

    1.I really am bothered by other peoples’ children who are rude when they are here on a playdate with my daughter. Have fun, be silly, we don’t have many rules, but please, thank you, and not whining go a LONG way in my book.
    2.People who tailgate when you are passing someone. If I am going above the speed limit, but just not as fast as you want to be going in the passing lane, too bad, slow down and wait your turn to whip past me and then cut me off. People who tailgate in general.
    3.Same with people who don’t move over when they can to let you merge onto the highway. COME ON PEOPLE, a little kindness goes a long way in this world. Karma!
    4.Cooking. I used to love it, but now I am too tired by the evening to think.
    5. People who feel the need to Instagram/tweet/FB their meals. Shut up.
    6. Those who make fun of me for a. giving my dogs the absolute best I can, i.e. also dropping lots of money on them, and b. for blogging about them.
    I am sure I could come up with more, but those are my morning complaints 😂

    1. Thanks for your comments Molly. I’m glad it isn’t just me who gets wound up by the smallest things. I totally agree about photos of meals on fb. in fact I could probably do a whole post on things that irritate me on social media.
      I completely take on board what you said about number 1 and I have to take this into consideration more. I also have chronic pain from a degenerative back problem so I do know how you feel. I have friends and family who always insist they are fine and it frustrates me because if I knew what was wrong. I may be able to help. xx

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