Instant Gentle Declutter part 1


Instant Gentle Declutter part 1

I’ve never liked clutter. I’m not one of those people who get terribly attached to things and can’t part with them, but I know people who do, and it’s a big problem for them. It’s the type of problem that gets out of hand fast and before you know it you are suffocating under a mountain of papers, jars, carrier bags, almost empty tins of paint and clothes that don’t fit.

I recently read the Marie Kondo book about uncluttering that has been incredibly popular, but I found it all a little ‘drastic’. If I opened my wardrobe doors and discarded anything that didn’t ‘give me joy’ I would be walking around naked. It’s nice to find an old box of photographs that you had forgotten about, or reread an old, dusty favourite novel. Who doesn’t like to rifle through a cd collection and find one that brings back memories of being sixteen again?

So. I put together some tips which can be useful but not painful and will make a huge difference with the littlest effort. Hopefully, the satisfaction from removing these items will give you the motivation to tackle harder personal belongings.

Instant Declutter

Keep just one hour free and aim to fill a large bin bag, a carrier bag if that feels more manageable.Start by throwing away things that you will never need again.

So, this step should feel painless, unemotional and inspirational.

These things can be thrown straight in the bin:

The Medicine Cabinet

Throw anything that is out of date, you have forgotten what ailment it is for, or tablets which were part of an unfinished course. Do the same with any pet medication too.

The Fridge

If you are not sure how long it’s been there, throw it! The best day to do this is just before a big food shop, it should be obvious when there is only a few items on the shelves. Tackle the freezer at the same time.

Whilst you are in the Kitchen

Open that cupboard where you open the door quick, throw something in, then shut it quickly before the whole lot cascades on top of your head.

Throw any storage containers that don’t have lids or lids that don’t have containers.

Saucepans with missing or damaged handles.

Cracked glasses, chipped mugs.

Old spices from the back of the cupboard

The Sock Drawer

Throw away every odd sock in the house, you will not regret it!

Holey underwear, bra’s with no elastic left, white socks that have turned grey.

The Make Up Bag

Tip it out on to a towel, Now you can see all the things you don’t use anymore, instantly throw, these items are no use to anyone!

Take a look at some of the great space saving makeup storage bags and containers. All these can be purchased online and are really inexpensive. Once you have thrown out all the items you no longer use or are just out of date, then you can arrange the items you really use so that they are super easy to find.

Old cosmetics are unhygienic and cause skin and eye infections. You will be much healthier by condensing your cosmetics. Also, give those makeup brushes a good wash.

Wander around picking up any of the following items and put straight in the bin bag.

Broken umbrellas

Phone Directories (We all have the internet )

Takeaway Menu’s (Same again)

Junk Mail.

Expired Coupons

Broken toys

Broken Costume Jewellery.

Faulty electrical items: lamps, toasters, hairdryers etc

That’s all for your first day. You should have a plastic bag full of items that are absolutely no use to anyone, no sentimental or monetary value and your home is probably safer too. You also have more room in your cupboards and they are tidier.

Next time I’ll talk about the things which can tug at the heartstrings a lot more ie books, clothes, greetings cards etc.

Hint: Next time you’re out shopping buy some different sized boxes in pretty colours, build a small collection, they will be lifesavers!


Do you find it difficult to throw things away?



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  1. Ooh we do love pretty boxes. Great tips, thank you, I just did the medicine cabinet after reading Ms condo s book and it is now much neater and safer. Thanks also for voting for Ellie.

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