Oh What a Stink! Childrens ebook


Oh, What a Stink! by Kate Hanford

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Make your children laugh again and again with this free ebook of funny poems including;

Oh What A Stink!

Oh, what a stink!
What can it be?
Everyone’s sniffing
and looking at me
It wasnt me
It must be the cat
I dont smell
Stop looking like that!


Oh, what a stink!
It’s making me ill
My face has turned green
I can’t breathe…. until
I follow my nose
and discover with shock
Behind the sofa
My dad’s smelly sock!


Also in the series

Really Mum? by Kate Hanford

                 just 99p



More hilarious poems for you and your children to share

including  Really Mum?


Really   Mum?

It just isn’t cool

To wear your pyjamas

To fetch me from school

‘I’m in the car’

 you said to me

‘No one will know

No one will see’

But the car broke down

In the middle of the street

‘Oh dear’ you said

As I crouched in my seat

My hands were shaking

My face was red

As you told the mechanic

Why you were ready for bed

So, I sat and I waited

With my friends walking by

I felt so embarrassed

I wanted to die

‘We’ll have to walk

It isn’t far’

As to my horror

You got out of the car!

‘Oh No’ I said, ‘It just isn’t funny’

To be seen with your mother

Dressed as a bunny

With fluffy tail

And floppy ears

The sight was enough

To bring me to tears

Really Mum?

It’s not cool to be seen

In your pyjamas

At 3.15


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