Sit… Stay…Beg by Roxanne St.Claire

Sit… Stay…Beg

(The Dogfather Part 1)

by Roxanne St.Claire

Daniel Kilcannon is ‘The Dogfather’ and the man responsible for a world-class rescue and training establishment. which he put his heart and soul into creating, after his wife Annie died. He is helped by his four sons and two daughters, one son Garrett is a former dot com super success who now devotes his life to the rescue.

Jessie the ambitious journalist used to know the family well but had to move away and lost touch with the Kilcannons. She reappears desperate to interview Garrett, to further her career, but he needs a lot of persuading.

Lola, an Aussie Border Collie cross, has been brought to the centre and is refusing to eat, but instantly bonds with Jessie, and that helps to knock down some of Garrett’s barriers, and slowly Jess peels away the layers of this distant, troubled but extremely caring man. He also happens to be extremely good looking!.

Will Lola find her forever home?

Does Jessie get her interview?

Will Garrett settle the demons that plague him?

Sit... Stay...Beg

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My Review of Sit…Stay…Beg

I was intrigued to hear that Sit..Stay..Beg was based around a rescue centre because it is a subject close to my heart and it didn’t disappoint. I love how Daniel Kilcannon bought his devastated family together and transformed their home, Waterford Farm, into a place where dog’s lives were saved. He gave his grown-up children a reason to live again after losing their mother. The sense of family is strong throughout the book. Not only do the siblings work together, they gather for huge family meals and support each other in their combined dream of changing the path of homeless dog’s lives. There is even the matriarch of the family Gramma Finney who has a very interesting hobby!

The relationship between Jessie and Garrett builds gradually until they just can’t deny it any longer.But can Jessie be trusted with Garrett’s secret? or will she use it to catapult the career that she has devoted her adult life to?

Jessie isn’t the stereotypical journalist, she is warm, caring and friendly. Lola the rescue dog instantly likes her and begins to show signs that look encouraging for her rehabilitation. She shows patience and empathy with Garrett and he begins to open up to the girl he had ‘a fleeting moment’ with when they were just teenagers.

What I love even more about this book is that the author Roxanne St Claire is donating a percentage of the funds from the sale of this book to her local ‘no kill’ shelter in Florida, and the dog on the cover is an authentic rescue dog. So Roxanne isn’t just highlighting the plight of homeless dogs but contributing to it too.

This is the first in the series of  ‘The Dogfather’ and a really enjoyable and worthwhile read. If you like a heartwarming, feel-good story, The Dogfather series is for you.

Roxanne St Claire has written almost fifty romance and suspense novels.She lives in Florida, USA and enjoys dogs, wine, chocolate, and books, preferably at the same time.

I was given this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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