The Antique Shop- A Poem


The Antique Shop

                   Books standing proudly wearing jackets of dust

Aroma’s of vanilla, tobacco, and musk

China teapots with chintzy bouquets

A knitted shawl that has seen better days

A lonely cup missing its friend

Brasses and tapestries gone out of trend

An oversized vase with a hairline crack

a redundant, unwanted  letter rack

A military coat with cobwebs adorned

Medals in boxes ,  ununiformed

A delicate teaset,  a jug with a chip

In clumsy hands theres often a slip

An old violin praying to be played

Scarves with holes, handkerchiefs frayed

Plates with monarchy now in the past

Portraits of ladies looking downcast

A load of old junk? No! not to me

A sample of our countries great history

We must display the medals and cherish the pots

owned by families of  loved ones lost

Don’t hide the heirlooms in a dusty drawer

Tell us the stories of battle and war

Don’t hide your memories in an old suitcase

Display them grandly with pride of place

So polish the silver and let the dust fly

Applaud the endurance of people gone by














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