Leave a Letter in a Library Book


Leave a Letter in a Library Book

I came across this lovely idea in a “Simple Acts of Kindness” post and thought it was a cool thing to do. It’s a bit like leaving a message in a bottle but it won’t travel as far.

There mustn’t be any harm done to the book, just slip the note inside. You could leave it in a random book or one that you love and you just want to share with someone. Fact or fiction, it doesn’t matter as long as it will make someone smile!

It’s such a shame that we read books electronically more and more and so many of the libraries are closing. I have vivid childhood memories of going to change my books and leaving the library with literally more than I could carry.

I love the smell of old books.It’s  a musty, vanilla, grassy smell, not really pleasant but so distinctive. Imagine, in a few years time, sitting with your e-reader with a candle beside you filling the room with the aroma of “old books”. Actually, new books smell really good too, I have spent many an hour sniffing the shelves in Waterstones, or is that just me?



I think I would remain anonymous but it’s nice to give a hint and the finder can trace you if he or she wants to. It may be years or possibly never when the note is found. There may be a day in many years time when you open the rickety old laptop to find an email from someone who has found your note.

If I had to choose a fiction book it would probably be Pride and Prejudice.

Which book would you choose to leave a note in?

What would you write on the note?



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