The Vineyard in Alsace by Julie Stock


The Vineyard in Alsace

I read The Vineyard in Alsace over a sunny weekend in England, but I was transported to this beautiful region of France, to the vineyards, the wine, the food and the romance!

Fran escapes to France to be closer to her family and to drastically change the life she was living in London. By chance, she meets an old flame, Didier, and he offers her an exciting job and quaint cottage at his vineyard. Didier has also had a turbulent personal life since the couple split. Neither are looking for love but the chemistry between them is more powerful than anyone realised.

Of course, there are obstacles in the way. Both Fran and Didier have family problems, the vineyard needs to be harvested, there is a chateau to restore and a visitor centre to build.

Julie Stock alternates the chapters between Fran and Didier’s stories so you know how each one is feeling. Slowly she introduces characters and a close knit community of family and friends are formed, with the vineyard being the hub of activity.. You can actually feel the change in season as the time for grape harvesting comes closer. Both main characters are instantly likeable, sensitive and warm hearted. They help each other overcome the people from the past and move forward without bitterness or resentment. A truly ‘feel good’ book, the story flows effortlessly and the beautiful region of Alsace and its traditional family vineyards are described with genuine insight. Gradually Julie Stock describes the complicated and back breaking tradition of harvesting the grapes and the wonderful sense of community that evolves with it.

The ebook was kindly gifted to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Thanks so much for this lovely review, Louise. I’m so glad you enjoyed The Vineyard in Alsace 🙂

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