Hope….An Inspirational Poem by Kate Hanford.

Hope….An Inspirational Poem by Kate Hanford.

This is a poem that I wrote for a friend who is going through a bad time, just to let her know that I’m there for her. Maybe someone else will find the words comforting.


You have to believe, that all will be right

In the longest of days and the coldest of nights

You may feel scared, tired and alone

But there’s always someone to carry you home

Someone who knows the pain that you feel

The raw and relentless, cruel and real

It comes like a cloud covering the sky

There are no answers, just why? why? why?

But we are strong together, and a day will come

When the clouds part and welcome the sun

So take hold of that sunbeam, don’t let it leave

Clasp it tightly, but let yourself grieve

Then slowly but surely  release your grasp

Let the light enter  and swallow the past

And then for a second your heart will feel light

And strength will replace it, to continue the fight

Just like the sunbeam you cannot hide

But weather the storm with  hope on your side

hope - an inspirational poem


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  1. Beautiful! If it is ok I would like to share this with a friend whose husband just passed away. Your poem also touched my heart. Thank you <3

      1. we must always remember beauty comes out of our ashes…sorry for your experience with that. May God continue to give you peace and healing.

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