Stop my Dog from Barking


How do I

Stop my Dog from Barking?

I seem to spend half my life asking my mini dachshund to stop barking!

I know it’s natural for dogs to bark and they are worth their weight in gold as burglar alarms but Darcy seems to think he is solely responsible for our protection at all times. I have tried explaining to him that the pigeons in the garden are highly unlikely to come in and attack us in our beds but he still keeps a fifteen-hour vigil during daylight hours. I try not to laugh as he sprints down the lawn and does a huge jump, he truly believes that if he runs fast enough and jumps high enough he really will take off into flight.

Mr Darcy2

Then there are those well-known serial killers that knock on ‘his’ door occasionally and deliver highly suspicious parcels labelled ‘ Amazon’  or ‘Tesco Direct’, The suspicious articles have to be thoroughly sniffed and attacked if necessary, before being declared safe and allowed to enter.

As for letters that appear by magic on ‘his’ front door mat they have to be immediately destroyed and maybe even eaten just to make doubly sure they do not contain poisonous ink!

Has anyone else sat on the floor bargaining with their dog to hand back the tv license, passport or tax papers he is threatening to destroy and has already chewed the corner off?

Has anyone put proudly on display the beautiful handmade birthday card from your very best friend complete with teeth marks and soaked in dog saliva?

Has anyone else had to hand over a chewed up hospital letter to the already snobby looking receptionist?

Or confessing on the phone that you don’t have your account number because the dog destroyed it?

And does little dog syndrome really exist?

Should I rescue a laid back Great Dane next?

To be fair to Darcy when he came here he was already over two years old and had lived outside and never taught discipline. So, I can see why he is so very protective of his new home…….but it doesn’t make it any less annoying!



17 thoughts on “Stop my Dog from Barking”

  1. I do the same thing with Sissy! She thinks that everything is a threat and loves to bark. We had a cookout for the fourth and she thought our guests were invaders from the fifth dimension and did some not-so-graceful dives off the back of the couch! (AKA her perch!)

  2. Barking and chewing is our MO. Don’t despair! You can get most bills online nowadays and you can tell your friends to send e-birthday cards. They save trees, last forever, and we Dogs still haven’t figured out how to chew up the web. Woofs and Wags, Cosmo and Stella

  3. Our Mocha who is 6 has lived with us since she was 12 weeks old…there isn’t a single thing she won’t bark at. The postman (nearly got him one time when I thought she was upstairs and opened the door…oops!), the neighbor opening her door, the garbage truck driving by, the imaginary sounds, the man who has invaded ‘her’ park. etc etc. She even tried to take out the vet the other day (who is male, she has a terrible thing with men). We have tried everything; Zylkene, ClomiCalm, diet changes, behavior changes. I haven’t found anything that works. If you do, please let me know! I feel like I’m held hostage by a 5 kilo dog!

    1. I’ve just been reading about your mini dachshund and she sounds very similiar to Darcy. They are super sensitive to absolutely everything. I do hope she has recovered from her back surgery. I worry about darcy’s back constantly, He will launch himself off the top of the couch at fifty miles an hour. I wrote in another post the struggle we have to get his nails cut! It is worse than having a stroppy teenager in the house. If I find a solution I will let you know…..and thanks for stopping by x

  4. He looks very regal. I do remember once blaming one of mine for eating a birthday card… only to find it 2 days later, down behind the tv. I promise, I did apologise.

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