A Little of Chantelle Rose by Cristina Hodgson

Book Review   A Little  Of Chantelle Rose by Cristina Hodgson

To add a little excitement to her boring life, Chantelle takes up an offer of becoming an extra in a seedy film. What that leads to is the offer of a lifetime, a million dollar contract in Hollywood. Chantelle takes up the offer unaware of her role and flies to America where she is put through a daily exercise regime as well as a complete beauty makeover. Again, Chantelle has no idea why, but it becomes clear when she is ushered to the film set for the first time.

What follows is slightly unnerving. The story is fast paced and takes you on a roller coaster as the story twists and turns from one page to another. Chantelle, who narrates the story is incredibly naive but so likeable and funny you forgive her for trusting too much. She starts out as a ‘Calamity Jane’ type character, always getting herself in embarrassing situations which make you laugh out loud. as the story progresses you begin to see another side to her character.

Lionel the heartthrob, shows great interest in Chantelle, but can he be trusted? Hate letters arrive when Chantelle returns to England, someone has a grudge but who?

The other characters in the book have depth and interesting personalities. As the mystery unravels you begin to suspect that one of Chantelle’s friends is not what they seem. An air of mystery and suspense enters the storyline.

The book is completely surreal and pure escapism, best read whilst lying on a sandy beach with a cocktail to hand. Sit back, relax and let the story flow, it has romance, comedy, mystery, and intrigue. The plot is tightly written and you invest in the main character and share her journey, whilst being astounded at her endearing naivety.

The book leaves you wanting ‘ A Little More From Chantelle Rose’ and a sequel will be very well received by all.

I give it 4/5 stars.

About The Author

Cristina Hodgson, mother of two, born in Wimbledon, London, currently lives in southern Spain. Cristina had a long career in sport, reaching national and international level and still actively participates in Triathlon races and enjoys outdoor activities. In her spare time she also enjoys reading and writing. She won a sports scholarship to Boston College. After a period in Boston, she returned to the UK and graduated from Loughborough University with a degree in Sports Science.
A LITTLE OF CHANTELLE ROSE is her debut novel and will be released in May 2017. Amazingly, it has nothing to do with running!
Her FREE short story SIMPLY ANNA is out now!

A Little More of Cristina Hodgson

I was recently chatting to Cristina on Twitter and she told me about the three puppies she had fostered recently. They were found by the police in a rubbish dump and just a couple of days old.  It’s hard to imagine the amount of work required to give these pups the very best chance in life, but Cristina and her family did just that. I see this as an admirable quality in anyone.

The photo was sent to me by Cristina.


Here Cristina tells her own story.

“The puppies all go off to their new homes tomorrow. Each to a different family. And by the looks of things I’m not the only one who will miss them. It’s been a fun 10 weeks looking after them and a great learning experience for my kids. If you have animals you have to be responsible with them. There will be a few tears shed tomorrow, but we will also be happy in the knowledge that we have been able to save them and help them on their journey. From sick, weak abandoned pups they have grown healthy and strong. Success at it’s greatest has nothing to do with fame or fortune, rather it’s about helping those in need”  For the full story go to http://www.cristinahodgson.com 

The author sent me a copy of the book in return for an honest review.

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