Making Fimo Food Accessories for your Dolls House


How to make Fimo Food Accessories

for your Dolls House.

In an earlier post I spoke about how to update old dolls house furniture. Here I focus on the food which really adds a homely touch. It really is very cheap and easy to personalise your dolls house with handcrafted items which are truly unique.

fimo Making Food Accessories

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Making Fimo Food Accessories is really easy, fun and inexpensive.

Food items in a dolls house kitchen really add colour and interest

I use Fimo which is polymer clay that you can get in loads of colours and mix them together to create even more . Use the clay to make your creation, there is no waste because if you’re not 100% happy just start again. The item will need to be placed in the oven until hard. When cool I always use clear varnish to add shine and give extra durability.

Fimo food


To get loads of different shades from your clay,  just buy primary colours and lots of white. By adding white in different quantities you can achieve an array of colours, practice with small amounts.

Fimo food

Before buying clay make sure that it can be oven baked. The self hardening clay never gets hard enough and doesn’t last.

Use clear nail varnish to add durability and shine.

Making Food Accessories


Baskets can be made by making a circular or oval base, then layer with tiny strips of clay on top of each other. You can twist or plait the strips or add detail with a small knife. Just continue until the sides of the basket are tall enough. Roll a tiny amount of clay and twist , then attach to sides to make a handle for your basket.

Fimo food

This egg basket is a bottle top which I covered in glue on the outside, then wrapped string around to give a rustic feel. I found a gingham baby dress in a charity shop which supplied loads of tea towels and table cloths for the dolls house. 

Dolls House Food

Bread rolls are easy to make, mix brown clay with white until you get a good colour for the bread. Roll circles, then put a mark in the top with a pen or knife. For the longer rolls simply roll long strips and plait or twist.

Fimo food


You can really use your imagination with the cakes. For the whole cakes layer discs with rounded edges in different colours then add decoration to the top. Cut a slice out of the cake to show the inside and prick with a needle to give the sponge effect.


Making Food Accessories

Plates and bowls can be made by using a small coin as a template, put a dent in the middle of the circular shape with a pen, bake in the oven, then use paper napkins to decoupage a design on to your plates, finally add a coat of clear varnish. I use Cath Kidston napkins because the designs are popular and it gives a shabby chic feel.


Making Fimo Food Accessories


Here is a selection of vegetables all made with Fimo. Mix different shades of green Fimo to get a marble effect. For the cabbage,  roll out on to a board then cut out small circles with a baking cutter. Press the edges of the circles to give a crinkled effect. Make a small ball with the green Fimo, clay, then add the crinkled circles around it to get a realistic cabbage.


fimo food


These are miniature cutters for Polymer clay that I use for cakes, piesplates etc

making Fimo food

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Hope you like the items I made in the photos and it inspires you to give it a try, it really is easy!








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