After I’ve Gone by Linda Green


After I’ve Gone

Linda Green

Book Review

“You Have Eighteen Months Left To Live!”

This is the message that Jess Mount reads when she opens her Facebook page and even worse……only she can see it!

Jess is working at the local cinema with her best friend Sadie, she is grieving the loss of her mum and has a very close relationship with her dad. She thinks her life has turned around when she meets the handsome Lee and they start a relationship. However, the message on her social media page continues to update with more information about Jess’s sad demise and that time is approaching, fast.

Is this her mind playing tricks or is there someone responsible for a cruel hoax?

After I've Gone

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As the days pass, and the date of her death comes closer, Jess becomes aware from the social media post that a baby features in her future. If she tries to change the outcome of her life she may have to make the ultimate sacrifice

Lee is charming and sweeps Jess off her feet in the beginning only to subtly change over time to a controlling and bitter man.His mother defends the actions of her son, which makes you question if there is a reason from the past which would explain his behaviour.

Jess’s dad and best friend are a good support network but even they remain vaguely disconnected and oblivious to what is happening, and you desperately want one of them to step up and help,

The book first contains the genre of romance, which quickly leads to a murder mystery with glimpses of supernatural throughout. The social media aspect is a unique and compelling storyline. Just imagine opening your own Facebook page to see an outpouring of grief from your loved ones following your death, which is eighteen months in the future.

After I’ve Gone highlights controversial subjects in a sympathetic way. It is a good example of how the deeply strong bond of love can overrule the brains messages when mental health is compromised.

I was desperate to finish the book and find out the conclusion, but bereft that the story had come to an end. It is not often that a book makes you think so deeply about the path your life can take. There are not many books I would describe as ‘unforgettable’ but this is one of them.

A gripping read,  which turned quite chilling and sinister at times, Linda Green does not disappoint with this book and I will be eagerly awaiting her next publication.


One of the best books I’ve ever read!’ Amazon reviewer.

‘Enjoyable, original and intriguing’ B A Paris, bestselling author of Behind Closed Doors

‘The story was authentic, absorbing and unputdownable.’ Louise Jensen, bestselling author of The Sister

‘Stunning, such a unique premise and really well executed.’ Jenny Blackhurst, bestselling author of How I Lost You

‘I wanted to compare the author to Gillian Flynn or Alice Sebold . . . Linda Green is bloody brilliant!’ Amanda Prowse, #1 bestselling author


About Linda Green

After I’ve Gone is published in paperback on 27th July 2017 by Quercus. Her previous novel While My Eyes Were Closed was a previous bestseller about a four-year-old girl who goes missing during a game of hide-and-seek. She has always loved writing and was an award winning journalist before she became an author.

She comes from West Yorkshire and names Margaret Attwood as her favourite author and likes listening to Adele. Two of her least favourite things are candyfloss and tan coloured tights.

I was sent this book by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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