Sit… Stay…Beg by Roxanne St.Claire

Sit... Stay...Beg (The Dogfather Part 1) by Roxanne St.Claire Daniel Kilcannon is 'The Dogfather' and the man responsible for a world-class rescue and training establishment. which he put his heart and soul into creating, after his wife Annie died. He is helped by his four sons and two daughters, one son Garrett is a former... Continue Reading →

Death Plays A Part by Vivian Conroy

Death Plays A Part Cornish Castle Mystery Book 1 by Vivian Conroy Book Description Guinevere arrives at Cornisea castle in Cornwall to take up a summer job cataloging the treasured books of Lord Bolingbrooke. The theatre where she works has closed for refurbishment and Guinevere jumps at the chance to work on the beautiful Cornish... Continue Reading →

15 Amazing Trivia Facts About Dogs

15 Amazing Trivia Facts About Dogs We all love dogs and want to know everything about them. This is a small compilation of amazing trivia facts about dogs that you maybe didn't know. Have a look and see if you learn something new. (These facts about dogs would be great in a trivia quiz) Dogs have... Continue Reading →

Stop my Dog from Barking

How do I Stop my Dog from Barking? I seem to spend half my life asking my mini dachshund to stop barking! I know it's natural for dogs to bark and they are worth their weight in gold as burglar alarms but Darcy seems to think he is solely responsible for our protection at all times. I... Continue Reading →

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