How I Became A Dog Lover

How I Became A Dog Lover Apologies for the grainy photo, it's over forty years old. This is Dinky my first ever dog, my best friend as a child and the one who started my lifetime obsession with dogs. We never intended to have a dog but when my mum was offered an unwanted dog... Continue Reading →

Inside an Anxious Mind by Kate Hanford (Poem)

If you have never experienced anxiety or depression you might wonder what it actually feels like. Here, 'Inside an Anxious Mind' describes just how it can feel at times. Inside An Anxious Mind Hailstones stabbing a window pain family, money, guilt, and shame bees swarming, endless drone colours dark and monochrome bombs exploding, babies crying fear of... Continue Reading →

Does Music Bring Back Old Memories?

Does Music Bring Back Old Memories? Today I've been thinking about losing Alfie and back to my childhood in the 1970s.This song brought back so many memories. My grandma used to sing along with Elvis when I visited her along with Danny Boy and White Cliffs of Dover (that wasn't Elvis by the way) Obviously its particularly... Continue Reading →

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