Don’t Forget…


Don’t Forget

The message board hangs on the kitchen wall

With post it notes in penciled scrawl

Children’s pictures on magnetic strips

Parties, injections, and fishing trips

That silly hat in a photo booth

And how to ‘Make your Custard Smooth’

A takeaway menu for lazy nights

Dental appointments and wedding invites

Notes of dietary inspirations

Meaningful verse and wise quotations

‘”Sponsor me in a Charity Run ?”

Reminder to get my highlights done

A coupon with pizzas half the price

Cakes to bake and slimming advice

A membership card for the gym

Karate lessons and a sponsored swim

Colour charts to paint a room

Worming tablets and fur to groom

Reminder to buy pasta, bread and cheese

In kiddy scrawl “and sum choclat pleas”

So, as you can see , it would not be true

If I ever said I had nothing to do!






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