Don’t Forget…A Poem, by Kate Hanford

Don’t Forget…A Poem, by Kate Hanford

We are always so busy it’s easy to forget an invitation or be late for an appointment because we forgot to write it down.

Do you have a message board with all your reminders in one place?

Maybe it looks something like this:

Don't forget - Poem

Don’t Forget

The message board hangs on the kitchen wall

With Post-It notes in penciled scrawl

Children’s pictures on magnetic strips

Parties, injections, and fishing trips

That silly hat in a photo booth

and how to ‘make your custard smooth’

A takeaway menu for lazy nights

Dental appointments and wedding invites

Notes of dietary inspirations

Meaningful verse and wise quotations

‘ Sponsor me in a Charity Run ?’

Reminder to get my highlights done

A coupon with pizzas half the price

Cakes to bake and slimming advice

A membership card for the gym

Karate lessons and a sponsored swim

Colour charts to paint a room

Worming tablets and fur to groom

Reminder to buy pasta, bread, and cheese

In kiddy scrawl.. ‘and some chocolate please’

So as you can see, it would not be true

If I ever said I had nothing to do!

                                                                                Kate Hanford.


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