Dachshund Family Album


Dachshund Family Album

Some of the dachshunds that have been part of our family over the years.

It all started with Cassie the black and white dog. She was my mum’s dog and a dachshund/ sheltie cross. She sparked our interest in the breed, such a playful. gentle soul. You can see the familiar dachshund short legs and expression in this photo.

jakeInspired by Cassie’s beautiful nature we decided to add a pedigree dachshund to our family. The size and temperament were important because the house was always filled with children. We chose a standard sized long-haired dachshund with red colouring.

Here is Jake, a handsome, loyal and impeccably behaved boy, he died on my husband’s fortieth birthday in 2003.



emm dannWe wanted a friend for Jake and started looking for a companion for him.We chose Emma, but the very next day my sister and family added Emma’s litter mate to the family and called him Danny, My sister couldn’t bear to think of him left on his own. In the photo, Emma is on the right (I think!)

Emma became Jake’s best buddy. She was a sweet girl but she developed a form of dementia and died exactly three years after Jake, again on my husbands birthday.Emma

Here’s Emma, all grown up. Although she was identical to Danny as a puppy they were totally different after a few months.She had the most beautiful coat until she was spayed and it turned to fluff.


And Danny also grown up, he was a loveable, patient and affectionate boy.ben

Another of my mum’s dogs, Ben, the mini long haired dachshund. Ben was a teeny tiny little dog with a big attitude. He was completely devoted to my mum, they were soul mates. Ben didn’t have the best start in life so we embraced his quirks. He lived to a grand old age.

Mr Darcy3

Finally Darcy, my mini short-haired dachshund and a very big part of my family. I have already spoken about Darcy’s story so I’ll just say that he is a very loveable rogue, a survivor and my pride and joy.



8 thoughts on “Dachshund Family Album”

  1. They are adorable. I see we are not the only ones to have Dachshunds over the years. We have had 7 of our own over the years along with a Bernese Mt mix breed that we affectionately called our “Ugly Dachshund” although ugly he was not (based from the disney movie since he raised by Doxies)and each one hold a special place in our hearts.

      1. No, I haven’t and I should, they are such hooligans! 🙂 Have your followed Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund? He is so cute. I love all dogs, but it is the doxie that stole my heart! 🙂

  2. Your fur babies are gorgeous! The long haired ones are so regal looking! My step mom had a few dachshunds and occasionally entered them in the Earth Day dachshund races. So cute!! After seeing these, now I wonder if my Aero has a bit of dachshund in him besides the spaniel and poodle mix. He’s small enough.

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