Fake Cupcakes.

The question is

Are these cakes real or fake?

2014-02-05 11.18.22


2014-02-05 11.20.38

2014-02-05 11.20.36

They’re fake of course. Just one of the crafts I do with my sister, and not a calorie to be seen!

Some of them have been used as theatre props in productions like  Alice in Wonderland. Others were used by a big china company to help display their beautiful cake stands.

Hope you like them x

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  1. Any chance you can tell me what you used for the frosting? I need to make a dozen FAKE cupcakes for my daughters dance recital. If you can’t share your secret, can I buy them from you?

    1. It’s white decorators caulk. a couple of drops of acrylic paint to get the colour you want, place into a piping bag and just use like you would to make a real cake. Hope this helps.

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