Fake Cakes and Chocolate, (Easy Craft Tutorial)

Here is a selection of fake cupcakes, chocolates, and tarts.

Can you believe that there is no calories insight? Each item is handcrafted by myself and my sister. We do our best to make the fake cupcakes look as realistic as possible

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The fake cupcakes are easy to make, get the kids involved and have great fun making these together! It’s very inexpensive and a great way to make truly handcrafted gifts.

The chocolates are made by pouring plaster of Paris into the packaging tray that comes with real chocolates. Remove from the mould when the plaster of Paris is set. Then simply decorate with acrylic paint and polymer clay. We like to add a few coats of clear varnish to give the chocolates a lovely sheen.

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This is a really easy idea to make cups and saucers into shabby chic accessories. The old vintage cups were found in a thrift shop and cost very little. We then put decorators caulk in a piping bag and fill the cup with a large swirl. Another colour can be added to give height and give more of a cupcake effect. The strawberry was purchased from a craft shop but we added our own touch. We covered it in clear varnish to give a beautiful shine, then we sprinkled white glitter to look like sugar. The flake was made from pasta. Just close one end with clay. When the clay is completely dry paint the whole thing chocolate brown.

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The strawberry tarts are made by using polymer clay and white decorators caulk. The pastry base is made from a mould, baked and painted. The caulk is piped into the moulds and then the fruit is piled on top. The strawberries, raspberries and summer berries are made from polymer clay. They are so easy to make and look great with a coat of varnish and a sprinkle of white glitter for extra shine.

Some of them have been used as theatre props in productions like  Alice in Wonderland. Others were used by a big china company to help display their beautiful cake stands.

Another craft tutorial about Napkin Decoupage can be found here or if you like to make your own dolls house accessories take a look here


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Here is the clay that we use and recommend. Many colours can be made by using small amounts of the coloured polymer clay and mixing with this white one

The plaster of Paris can be found in craft shops or here.

The decorator’s caulk is stocked in hardware shops, the cheap ones are fine but you may need to add a small amount of white acrylic paint to change the colour.

Acrylic paint and varnish are also used in the tutorial.

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  1. Any chance you can tell me what you used for the frosting? I need to make a dozen FAKE cupcakes for my daughters dance recital. If you can’t share your secret, can I buy them from you?

    1. It’s white decorators caulk. a couple of drops of acrylic paint to get the colour you want, place into a piping bag and just use like you would to make a real cake. Hope this helps.

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