Inside an Anxious Mind by Kate Hanford

Inside an Anxious Mind by Kate Hanford

If you have never experienced anxiety or depression you might wonder what it actually feels like.

How Does Anxiety Feel?

Everyone suffers differently and it is so hard to describe the confusion of emotions going on inside your head. Someone can appear to be fine but inside they are really struggling. It’s so hard to ask for help when you feel so anxious, your brain refuses to give you the words you need to explain how you feel.

If loved ones understand how their partner, friend or family member is feeling they can get the help that is needed. No-one should suffer from mental health issues alone. The support of loved ones is the first step to recovery.

This poem ‘Inside an Anxious Mind’ gives some insight into how it actually feels when you suffer from anxiety.


Inside An Anxious Mind

Hailstones stabbing a window pain

family, money, guilt, and shame

bees swarming, endless drone

colours dark and monochrome

bombs exploding, babies crying

fear of failure, sickness, dying

lightening flashes, here then gone

bringing panic and doubt  upon

     taps dripping, blackboard scratching

cheating, anger, problem thrashing

craving calmness, whimsical themes

oblivion, stillness, peace, and dreams.

Kate Hanford

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