18 Strange Things That Dog Lovers Do


18 Strange Things That Only Dog Lovers Do

Or Is It Just Me?

People who are not dog lovers don’t understand the weird and wacky things that dog lovers do.

To me, it comes naturally, they are my fur babies and I want them to be happy!

strange things that dog lovers do

Some of these things I just do without thinking, and it isn’t until someone points out that it’s weird that I actually notice I’m doing it.

I spend a lot of time alone with my dogs, therefore I talk to them constantly. We go to bed at the same time and get up together, so of course, I tell them ‘Good Night’ and make sure that they are comfortable and warm in their beds.

Here is a list of things I do with my dogs and dog lovers tell me that it isn’t strange at all. In fact, some people do even stranger things than me!

Do you do any of the following things?

If you do post it in the comments and we can see how weird we all actually are!

1. Have you ever caught your dog’s eye and licked your tongue out to see if they do it back? It’s a great game, you can also teach them to blink and twitch their noses, absolutely no use whatsoever but such fun. Not to be done in public for obvious reasons!

2. Do you say ‘bless you’ when your dog sneezes?

3. Have you ever sat on the floor because the dog looks comfy on the sofa?

4.How about cooking the dog some lovely chicken, when you have beans on toast for supper?

5. Do you have really silly nicknames like BooBooBear or Snugglebum? and talk to your dog as if they are a baby? ……’Who’s the best doggy in the World?’ and ‘Ohh you are sooo clever’

6. I have actually apologised to my dog because it is raining!

7. When it’s really hot would you put the fan on the dog whilst you swelter in the heat?

8. I leave something interesting on the tv when I go out, usually Animal Planet so they don’t get bored. I will also tell them exactly where I am going, how long I will be and I always tell them which one is in charge whilst I’m not there.

9. I buy a mint shower gel because I know my dog likes to lick it off my feet after I’ve showered.

10. I sing ‘How much is that doggy in the window?’  to them although I am tone-deaf.

11. I  wrap up Christmas presents for them and prepare a special Christmas dinner.

12. Every pocket of every coat, cardigan, or hoodie is full of small plastic bags, even when your dog isn’t with you.

strange things only dog lovers do

13 If I’m away I insist on speaking to my dogs over the phone, and I’m upset if they’re not missing me.

14 I don’t have family photos in my wallet or on my bedside table, I have photos of my dogs instead.

16 Is your phone, Facebook and Instagram feed full of photos of your dog?

17 Do you sign your dog’s name on Greetings cards with a little paw print by the side?

18 If one of my dogs needs ear drops I pretend to give them to the other dog too, so he doesn’t feel left out!

does your dog have a birthday cake?

Do any of these crazy things sound familiar?

Or is it just me?

Have a look at this post called

Said no dog owner….ever!


48 thoughts on “18 Strange Things That Dog Lovers Do”

      1. Thank goodness its not just me! Holly is a little stupid, we have never managed to even teach her to sit (bless) but she can lick her tongue out on command! Thanks for stopping by x

  1. Okay, I’ll admit to doing a few of those things, but to our cats. I also talk to my plants and garden, so I’m probably crazy! lol Thanks for stopping by my place. I look forward to reading more on here!

  2. No not just you. 😂 glad I am not alone in talking to my 4 legged furry and cuddly children. 🐶

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  4. What about telling your dog she’s “the most beautiful girl” in every country you can possibly think of while she stares back, listening intently with those big brown eyes.

    She’s the most beautiful in Jamaica, Sri Lanka, Australia, the United Arab Emirates… you get the idea!!

    Also, my 5 year old dog thinks that she gets a treat when I go to the toilet (a throwback from puppy training).

    I learnt from the best…
    Waggy tales daughter 🙂

  5. OMG it’s not just you!!! LOL I loved this post, because it sounds exactly like me. Everything you mentioned I do except for the mint gel, the “how much is the dog” and the sitting in the floor thing!

    Such a great post, thanks for sharing your craziness because I’m crazy tooooo! Wait, so maybe we aren’t really crazy, just super sweet and loving dog owners, am I right?!


    1. Thank you so much, I love being crazy when it comes to dogs. I just had a lovely visit to your blog, it was really enjoyable and I will definately be back. Crazy dog people have to stick together, right? ,,,,Lou x

      1. Thank you for visiting! Indeed, we do all need to stick together! I feel like I can totally justify all that I do for Arko. And if we can justify it, then it’s all good!! Hehehe! ❤️🐾❤️🐾-Sunny

  6. Not just you! I always converse with my dogs! Aero has a big vocabulary and tilts his head with certain words! I always tell them “I’ll be back, see you later” and that is their cue that I’m leaving and may be gone for a few hours. I leave them outside with access to the garage because I don’t trust 6-month old Brodie in the house just yet. 🙂

  7. Not just you. One bit. From singing, to talking, to telling them whether I will be back “soon” or “later”. I even sit on the floor. The kitties too. Worse, Callie, the dog, has her own online twitter personality, many friends and ridiculous conversations with them. 😂 😂 😂

  8. I have done a few of those myself. Including getting a poo bag out of my pocket instead of a tissue, when I sneezed!
    Thanks for following my blog, which is much appreciated.
    Best wishes, Pete. (And Ollie!)

  9. Haha what fun! I’m not a dog owner, but I do have two granddogs that I sometimes ‘dogsit’, so I can relate. They are King Charles Cavaliers and are well behaved and adorable.

  10. I am also tone deaf, and I always appreciated that my dog would listen to me sing and actually act like she enjoyed it. Yes, i’ve done many of these things, and many more.

  11. I’ve just stumbled across your blog and it made my day! Any doggy hooman that doesn’t do each of the things you described is clearly crazy 😉 One of my dogs is elderly now and only has one eye. He goes crazy if someone winks at him – running around yapping at the ceiling as if to say ‘stop showing off, you two-eyed freak!’. Haha

  12. No it’s not just you. I do all those plus many more. I always say goodnight to her and sweet dreams. Having a dog in your life is the best, looking into her eyes shows me true love.

  13. All of that and more…they are our kids. We do a lot of traveling in our motorhome so I count down the days till we leave to them…i make it sound so exciting, which to them it is, they love to travel. I make special foods for just them on the holidays, they get a lot of stuff from santa…family…thats what it’s all about. They are the best part of my life.

  14. Its not just you,I pick my little 8lb yorkie Clara Bell up and hold her and give her a kiss and tell her Daddy has to go to work now,be good and I’ll see you soon and I talk to her all the time and all of the other crazy things.Thanks.

  15. Hi i live in England uk i thought i was the onlyone talked to my dogs my hubby says shut up they dont understand you waffeling on at them im glad they dont talj back they probably thibk oh goodness here she gos again

  16. I love this so much! I do 15 of the 18! I love the one about pretending to do ear drops! We do that with ear and eye drops!!

    1. I’m glad it’s not just me.I have a long haired dog who needs quite a bit of grooming and also a short haired mini dachshund. When my shih tzu is all done the dachshund comes for his hair cut too. I pretend to give him a trim with the scissors, then he has to have a spritz with the grooming spray. My husband thinks I’m mad!

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