Who Rescued Who?


Who Rescued Who?

Yesterday I received a phone call from the lady who adopted my first ever foster dog, Misty, who is on the right in the picture. She just rang me for a chat, an update and to see how I was, how lovely is that?

It’s been six years since I started fostering. I had enquired at different rescues but didn’t get a response so I posted on a more general rescue site. A lovely bubbly lady rang me back and I told her that I had almost given up. ‘Right’ she said ‘I’ll prove that I’m serious, I have a sweetheart here who needs a foster mum and I’ll transport her to you tomorrow’.

Tomorrow? Gulp………ok then, lets do it!

Just like she said Misty arrived the very next day. There was a small formality of a home check and some papers to sign but when that was done she handed over a beautiful Cocker Spaniel/ Jack Russell called Misty and I was a foster mum!

I was at a crossroads in my life and needed a purpose. I had given up a stressful job, my daughter had moved into her own home and I felt lost.

With Misty staying, I felt needed again, the rescue community were a friendly lot and the exercise did me the World of good. I had found that purpose I needed so much.

So, I always say that Misty rescued me!

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  1. What a wonderful woman to make sure to call and give you an update. You were Misty’s first mom and neither of them will ever forget it.

    1. It’s lovely when they keep in touch, some come back when their owners go on holiday. Its a commitment from me for their lives if the owners welcome it. They are all like my children! x

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