Charlie and Joe

Charlie and Joe are a bonded pair or should I say that Joe is bonded to Charlie, so much so that Joe cries when he isn't in the same room and becomes traumatized if Charlie just goes upstairs for a bath! Charlie is the oldest and a cross between Lhaso Apso and Shihtzu, Just one look... Continue Reading →

Rosie, Cava Poo.

I just wanted to introduce you to Rosie my daughters Cava Poo. She's a cross between a Cavalier King Charles and a Poodle and she spends loads of time here with Holly and Darcy when her mum and dad are away.  She has the sweetest nature I have ever met (and there's been a lot!}... Continue Reading →

Epilepsy, in Dogs

Epilepsy in Dogs Uri had been with us for a few days and luckily hadn't managed to escape. So, it was off to the vets for the snip, a requirement before he could be rehomed. Not long after we dropped him off the vet rang 'Uri's had a reaction to the anesthetic, we nearly lost... Continue Reading →

Dog Fostering Stories

Dog Fostering Stories I think that the best way to talk about dog fostering is to share my personal experiences. Here I tell my dog fostering stories and explain how I started as a foster mum. Every experience is different but anyone considering dog fostering might find this information helpful. My first foster dog was an absolute... Continue Reading →

Rescue Dog Fostering

Rescue Dog Fostering. "How Do You Let Them Go?" It's the first question everyone asks about fostering rescue dogs The answer is with great difficulty and sometimes we fail and end up adopting the dogs ourselves. When a dog leaves it feels like a bereavement. However, there is the knowledge that the dog has gone... Continue Reading →

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