My Doggy Bucket List.

My Doggy Bucket List.

I’m just mad about dogs…all dogs, every breed, and size, I often spend my time daydreaming of all the dogs I would like to have in my life, one way or the other. It is not a practical bucket list but an idealistic one. So, there are no exceptions.

I would love it if you played along and told me about your ideal dog bucket list!


1.A Very Large Breed eg Great Dane, Newfoundland, St. Bernard

I’ve always had dogs in my life but always small, purely down to space. I would find it fascinating to share my home with a large dog and experience what it’s like when you can’t just pick him up and tuck him under your arm. I’d like to take the big dog on a long walk and see what it is like and the reactions of people towards him. I want to have the experience of having a dog who can easily access worktops or the kitchen table and can easily take up the whole of the sofa.

Big Dog

2, A Very Clever Breed eg  Collie, Labrador, Poodle

Now I’m not saying my dogs are stupids,(ok I am, but I still love them!). My miniature dachshund is probably the cleverest dog I have owned but he is clever in a cunning, self-centered way. I want a dog who has a sharp brain and who is eager to learn. I would like to make a connection with a cadaver dog or sniffer dog, help to train a guide dog or police dog., the list goes on……

3. Rescue an Old Dog eg Staffie, Lurcher, Jack Russell

In my ‘Doggy Daydream Bucket List’ I would walk into a dog pound and ask them to find me the dog who has been there longest, the one who is overlooked but a total sweetheart, the one who is coming to the end of his life and just wants a loving home  or the one who is just, well….ugly. I would take them home (after being home checked of course) and just love them to bits.


Actually, my absolute dream is to win the lottery, walk into a rescue kennels and say ‘come on fellas your coming home with me right now’. (I know…….. but it’s a fantasy.!) They would have acres of land to run free, rooms with under floor heating and organic freshly prepared food. There would be ex-racing greyhounds who could live out their retirement doing whatever they please. Now I’ve gone all emotional……

4. A Pug or Boston Terrier

This is the first specific breed type on my bucket list


I’ve never had the pleasure of knowing one of these dogs, I just adore squishy faces and they seem like great fun.

5.A Golden Retriever

Just a beautifully natured and stunning looking dog for cuddles by the fire and to throw pebbles into the sea for him to fetch.

6.A Pomeranian

Now I don’t know anything about Pomeranians but I just adore how they always seem to be smiling, it would just make me happy.


7 A litter of Puppies.

It would be a dream to look after a litter of pups from birth to when they are ready to leave their mum. It would just be heaven to observe the dynamics, watch them grow and develop their own personalities. However letting them go would be a different matter!


So that’s my list, but I could go on and on. Maybe when I return to fostering I  will get to meet some of them, here’s hoping!

This is my nephew’s dog bucket list (yes he’s as daft as me!)

1A dog who is smart and calm eg Labrador

2.A big active dog eg German Shepherd.

3A dog that is easy to train eg Collie

Please tell me that I am not the only one with a doggy bucket list and enough time on my hands to daydream. I really want to know if you have one, and remember its a fantasy list. But sometimes we can only dream…….


















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  1. I also have a doggy bucket list. Let’s see…mine would consist of a Saint Bernard, Pomeranian, Pit Bull, Boerboel and…I think that is it but I feel like I am missing one breed or few. 🙂

  2. Goldens are popular! My mom raised collies for show and breeding my whole childhood. Too hairy! I might have found my bucket list dog, that I didn’t even know existed. They are Boykin Spaniels. They were bred for duck hunting and are the South Carolina state dog. I wrote a great blog post about it,how I discovered the breed through another blogger, etc. We love our mixed Boykin, Aero, who inspired us to discover the breed and get Brodie. We’re not hunters but we love stand up paddling and windsurfing. Brodie loves the water at just 5 months old!

  3. That’s a great list! I pet sit for a Pom, and she is an absolute delight. I call her Little Fox, even though that isn’t her name. I tend to make up names for every dog I come across. My own dogs have several names as well!

  4. Definitely a doggie bucket list – down the road when kids are grown and more time and energy I would love to have a very well trained German Shepherd from working lines or Belgian Malinois or both.
    Wife wants a Bernese Mountain Dog
    I have a plan to develop a non-profit for homeless LGBTQ teens and would like that to be on a farm of rescue animals, including several dogs.
    I’d love to rescue a pittie. I miss their smiles and hugs.
    Oh man, the list goes on!

  5. My doggie bucket lists consists of a way to meet all the outside dogs in my community. I want to build insulated dog houses with straw and comfy bed. Also, a way for water to be readily available near it, perhaps a spigot ran so it’s accessible. Alot of chained dogs in my community and it hurts my feelings because that is no life for a dog. I would even like to provide a fenced in area for a chained dog to run around in.

    1. I know, its so upsetting. I wish I could give them all a home. It makes me realise how pampered my dogs are. I can’t bear to think what it must be like to have no where to sleep and no water.

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