How to Safely Remove Weeds Without Harming My Dog

How to Safely Remove Weeds

Without Harming My Dog

These are answers to questions asked by people after my last post in which I TRY to help out with frequently asked dog related questions (All answers courtesy of Google I am not an expert!)

How Do I Safely Remove Weeds From My Garden Without Harming My Dog?

First try tipping boiling water onto the weeds, straight from the kettle. Or if the weeds are between slabs use a pressure washer if you have one.

Syringe bleach down to the root of the weed, do this at night after late night toilet time giving a good 8 hours to work then hose thoroughly first thing in the morning.

You can burn the weeds by using a weed burner or blow torch.

Use a groove knife to remove the plants by hand and at the root.

If that doesn’t work spray them with vinegar. It contains acetic acid but be careful of overspray it will kill all plants, it is not selective to weeds. Keep the dogs inside and spray in full sun.

Vinegar and salt should ensure that the root is killed too, so no regrowth.

Adding washing up liquid won’t make the solution more efficient but its stickiness helps the solution adhere to the weeds instead of just running away.

The quantities would be

1 gallon of vinegar

1cup of salt

1 tablespoon of washing up liquid.

How To Safely Remove Weeds

Sugar is good for killing bushes and vines whic

h are difficult to pull out. (Add chili powder to stop it from attracting insects) Just sprinkle around the root.

Cornmeal has a chemical called a pre-emergent which stops plants germinating this will kill the weeds but not affect nearby plants.

I spent some time looking for a product that you can buy which is GUARANTEED to be not harmful to pets. I couldn’t find a definitive one so can’t recommend. If anyone knows of one I would be really interested.

If you have to use a manufactured weed killer read the instructions to the letter and keep pets away for as long as possible. Cover the area if the product permits and don’t leave your dog unsupervised for at least three days.

Hope this helps. Back with more later. Throw any questions my way and I will gladly try to find out for you

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  1. Thank you for the taking the time to answer this question. Every year we try and decide on what we should do. Since our fence borders another neighbor with a dog we decided to let nature take care of itself. More money paid out in the long run for my yard guy to do extra work but a small price to pay for the safety of my fur babies. Blessings for your day!

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