Why Do Dogs Bury Bones? Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?


Why Do Dogs Bury Bones? Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Have you ever wondered why dogs do odd things like bury bones and eating grass? Here is an explanation of why they perform this odd behaviour


Why do dog bury bones?


I always found it strange that my well-fed dog would desperately look for a place to bury a bone, treat or a new toy. Actually, it’s instinct from thousands of years ago, when scavenging dogs found plenty of food, they would hide some for the following day. The reason they buried it was to put it in a cold place away from sunlight. This preserves it for longer and also keeps it hidden from view,. It is a dog version of our modern fridge. However, some breeds bury more than others. The dachshund has short legs, great for burrowing and hunting badgers which they were originally bred for.

darcy Why do dog bury bones?


It’s a worry when you see your dog eating grass but unless it is excessive, in which case you need to see a vet, it’s nothing to worry about. Dogs do this sometimes to make themselves sick. Like humans, dogs know that they feel better after vomiting. The long blades that they choose to eat tickle the back of their throats to induce vomiting.They also do it to relieve gas or gastrointestinal upsets.

Some vets believe that they eat grass to make up for a nutritional deficiency or even just because they like the taste

You don’t need to stop the dog eating grass, he will know instinctively what type to eat, usually the dark green long grass close to a fence or tree where the lawnmower has missed. The dog will spend time sniffing around finding the perfect blades of grass to eat. Just make sure the area isn’t treated by pesticides and check for slugs and snails which are harmful.



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  1. We are thinking of treating the area of our fence with weed killer. Was told there is something not harmful to pets. Is there? Thanks.

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