Do Dogs Dream? And A Poem



Do Dogs Dream?

Anyone who has ever sat beside a dog pawing the air, growling and yapping whilst supposedly fast asleep will have no doubt that dogs dream.

And experts agree.

They believe that dogs enter the R.E.M stage of sleep just like we do. That is the deep sleep or Rapid Eye Movement stage when we have those bizarre, memorable dreams that can often wake us up. It usually happens when the dog has been sleeping for twenty minutes.


But what are they dreaming about?

Chasing rabbits, warning burglars or digging holes?

Maybe, but some people believe that our dogs dream of us! They see our faces and dream about making us happy! How brilliant is that?

They also play out the previous days thoughts and experiences just like we do.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

The old saying holds a great deal of truth. Just like us, if a dog is disturbed in the middle of a dream it can easily snap and children should be taught to not touch a sleeping dog.It is a natural and healthy reaction, not to be confused with bad behaviour. If a dog seems to be having a nightmare, wake by saying his name softly.

do dogs dream?

This is a poem I wrote about a dreaming dog.

A Dogs Life

Fast asleep and curled up small

I dream of running to catch a ball

The sun is shining, the grass is green

My nose tells me where a fox has been

From up above the birds say hello

I give a reply, then off they go

Another dog enters my space

I smell his fur and he licks my face

Then a new smell enters my nose

Chicken, gravy and roast potatoes

Wake up!  Wake up!

I cannot miss!

Hot chicken and gravy in my dish

Then a small nap I will yearn

I close my eyes and my dreams return.

                                                                                         Kate Hanford

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