Rosie Cava Poo- Sweet Girl


Rosie Cava Poo

I just wanted to introduce you to Rosie my grand dog.

She’s a cross between a Cavalier King Charles and a Poodle and she spends loads of time here with Holly and Darcy when her mum and dad are away.  She has the sweetest nature I have ever met (and there’s been a lot!} Her hugs are legendary, she will put her front paws around your neck and draw herself into you just like a child would, everyone needs a Rosie hug!

She has a toy she loves which is a tiny bear, she likes to hide him then frets when she has forgotten where she put him. I think we may be on the second or third bear now but don’t tell Rosie. The duck and frog in the same range were just not the same, nothing compares to Bear.

She has a mischievous side too, she will take something that belongs to you like a hair band, pen, glasses cleaner cloth (see photo) and run around with it jutting out of her mouth, teasing you because she knows she can run faster.

Rosie Cava Poo

It’s always returned completely intact but extremely soggy. Don’t put your cup down when Rosie’s around , she has a penchant for tea which we try to avoid and likes nothing better than playing with an empty crisp packet which may have the odd crumb left in the bottom.

Rosie Cava Poo Rosie and ‘Bear’

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