Muddy Paws ; Poems for Dog Lovers


Muddy Paws  Poems for Dog Lovers

This is a small collection of poems about dogs that is written by me and available as an ebook on Amazon. From the heartache of losing a beloved friend to the plight of the rescue dog and all the fun of owning a new puppy.

“Some Will Make You Laugh, Some Will Make You Cry”

Muddy Paws

This is a sample poem which is included in the ebook. I hope you like it.

The muddy paws came through the door

Past the porch and across the floor

Up the stairs then to the right

Into the bedroom, then out of sight

“Who has left this trail of mud?”

I could take a guess,  I really could!

I followed slowly with a mop

Wondering where the paw prints stop

Past the chewed slipper, the upturned pot

A trail of destruction

Is what I had got

But my face had to  smile

And my grumpiness fled

As I spotted my puppy

Hiding under the bed. Paws

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