Harvey’s Story- Rescue Chihuahua


Harvey’s Story

The phone rang, it was the lady from the dog rescue ‘Got room for another one?’ she said.

Well , I was taking a break from fostering but this situation was desperate. A seven year old chihuahua had been taken to the vets by his owner to be put to sleep apparently because he had developed epilepsy.

Within a few hours Harvey arrived, the transporter was concerned . I looked at the tiny dog in front of me struggling to breathe and at the point of collapse. I knew I had to get him to the vet.
I rang the rescue lady and they agreed to cover all costs.
Within an hour we were at the vets. I could tell by the look on his face it wasn’t going to be good.
He was admitted for the night, not expected to last until morning. Harvey had been denied medication and as a result he was terminally ill. He was in the final stages of heart failure
Next day we dreaded the news but the vet rang to say he could come home. Amazingly he had responded well to the medication, by fighting for his life he had gained precious weeks , maybe months. It was my job to make sure he enjoyed every single minute.

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