Natural and Healthy Weight Loss for Dogs


Natural Weight Loss for Dogs (Healthy Tips)

Discover amazing tips to help with weight loss for dogs and give them a healthy, nutritionally balanced diet.



Replace Treats

We all know that dog’s weight should be monitored closely to stop them from becoming obese. However, it’s easy to forget the hidden calories in dog treats.

Instead of high-fat dog treats loaded with sugar, offer something that will improve nutrition or help to clean their teeth.

I cut out all shop bought dog treats and replaced them with green beans.

The results were amazing!

Have a pack in the freezer and you ‘ve got a ready-made treat, healthy, low calorie and very easy on the purse. The canned variety is just as nutritious too.

A cup of green beans is just 40 calories.

My dogs love them.

Also, keep dogs teeth clean with fresh carrots and apple (no pips)

Sweet potato (cooked) is healthy, nutritious and filling for your dog.

A frozen banana can be cut into slices to give as a treat.

Cut treats in half, (I promise the dog won’t even notice) and you save half the calories!


It’s kinder for you to keep your dog’s weight in check because obesity causes diabetes, heart disease, and joint pain.

Slow Feeders and Snuffle Mats

Make your meal times fun and food last longer by hiding kibble in a snuffle mat or puzzle toy. This will work off some calories and keep the brain active too.

Reduces Anxiety
Snuffle Mat for Dogs
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  • Reduces Anxiety,Boredom and Destructive Behavior:Snuffle mat for dogs helps calm and soothe your pet by promoting licking and releasing endorphins. Great for stressful times like thunderstorms.
  • Durable Felt Cloth:We all know that dogs love to chew on things, but with our dog feeding mats anti-tearing feature, your Pet puppy will have a satisfactory Chewing Session with the interactive dog toys. It is machine washable and dryer safe.
  • Dual-use Design: The sniff mat can be shrunk into a bowl. Dogs will like it more than ordinary food bowls! Because it's really full of the green tufts so there's plenty of places to hide a big handful of food.
  • Dog Brain Puzzle Games Training Toys: your dog to find treats or dry foods hidden Inside the snuggle mat. It can also be used as a Slow Feeder to help to train dog's sense of smell, consume dog's energy and lose weight in a healthy activity.

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Great Fun For Dogs
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  • Slow Feed Toy: Use this educational game to train the dog's brain, which helps satisfy the dog's instinct needs, train the pet's sense of smell and give the dog fun when you use the nose or paw to move the slider. while stimulating the spirit.
  • Interactive Dog Toy: This is a fun interactive puppy puzzle toy and reduces pressure for dogs.
  • Find food by moving parts to improve eating pleasure and IQ.

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Use a slow feeding bowl to stop your dog bolting food and spread smaller meals throughout the day to keep the metabolism rate higher.

Recommended For Dogs Who Bolt Food
Slow Feeder Dog Bowl
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  • The Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Can Help Your Pet With Slow Eating, Anti Gulping, Healthy Eating , Prevent Choking,Vomiting,Obesity And Indigestion.
  • The Dog Slow Feeder Bowl Is Very Easy To Use And Clean. Just Rinse With Water Or Put It In The Dishwasher
  • The Dog Slow Food Bowl Can Be Placed On The Floor Or On The Mat. The Bottom Of The Bowl Is Equipped With 6 Small Rubber Anti skid Pads, Which Can Effectively Prevent The Bowl From Moving Freely On The Floor

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Get the Scales Out.

I used to be guilty of guessing how much to feed my dogs. Even when I measured the amount advised on the packaging I would add a bit extra, thinking I was being kind ! However, when I adopted my Dachshund I knew that to prevent back problems, I couldn’t risk him becoming overweight.

I started weighing the right amount and storing it in a sealed plastic bag for each day. I also take into account that he has treats for being a good boy and this should also come out of his daily food allowance. I’m glad to say that Darcy remains a healthy weight, and no back problems so far.

Watch the Weight

It’s not easy to weigh a large dog but veterinary surgeries will usually let you pop in for a weight check without charge. Smaller dogs can be weighed by hopping on to the scales yourself, then again whilst holding your dog. Subtract the smaller amount to give the weight of your dog.

A vet likes to be able to feel the dogs ribs and see a distinctive waistline when viewing from above. This is how he can tell if the dog needs to lose a few pounds.

Be Patient

Crash diets are very bad for dogs so decrease food and treats gradually. Aim for a weight loss of around 1-2% of their body weight per week.

Refrain from giving your dog leftovers, no matter how adoringly they look at you!

I hope these tips help you achieve a healthy weight loss for your dog.


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