Natural and Healthy Weight Loss for Dogs

Natural Weight Loss for Dogs (Healthy Tips)



Natural weight loss tips for dogs.

I just wanted to pass on some tips I have found really useful.

We all know that dogs weight should be monitored closely but food orientated dogs respond well to treats. The trick which helps in weight loss for dogs is that you need to make every treat count.

Instead of high-fat dog treats loaded with sugar, offer something that will improve nutrition or help to clean their teeth.

I cut out all shop bought dog treats and replaced them with green beans.

The results were amazing!

Have a pack in the freezer and you ‘ve got a ready-made treat, healthy, low calorie and very easy on the purse. The canned variety is just as nutritious too.

A cup of green beans is just 40 calories.

My dogs love them.

Also, keep dogs teeth clean with fresh carrots and apple (no pips)

Sweet potato (cooked) is healthy, nutritious and filling for your dog.

A frozen banana can be cut into slices to give as a treat.

Another Tip

Cut treats in half, (I promise the dog won’t even notice) and you save half the calories!

Also, do you know how much food your dog should be eating…..or do you just guess? Have a look at the packaging to make sure you are not overfeeding.

It’s kinder for you to keep your dog’s weight in check because obesity causes diabetes, heart disease, and joint pain.

A vet likes to be able to feel the dogs ribs and see a distinctive waistline when viewing from above. This is how he can tell if the dog needs to lose a few pounds.

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Thank you for reading.

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