Darcy’s First Days

Darcy’s First Days

Darcy seemed to know how important it was to settle in and his behaviour was  far better than expected in his first days with us. He was completely house trained, loving and totally adorable. There were some worrying  traits though. When someone visited, even for a few minutes , he would run to the front door to try to stop them leaving, then he would cry for hours after they had left. He cried and got so stressed when my husband left for work, it was truly heart breaking.

As I said before he didn’t respond to the name he had been given, (the famous rapper!). so I set out to find him a name, not too dissimilar from that one but one which was more fitting for a handsome dachshund. After trying different names I finally settled on Darcy, or Mr Darcy to give him his full title, what could be more refined? It only took a few days for him to learn his name and it suited him so well.

He made himself right at home trotting around the house and garden, always in a rush and on a mission to protect his new home and everyone in it. When he wasn’t busy he would snuggle into me and sleep like a baby. He craved comfort, warmth and company. I bought him a lovely bed and soft baby blankets but he chose an old cardigan of mine to sleep under. Yes literally under!, he would climb inside the cardigan then swirl himself round and round until he was perfectly tucked in. He was so tiny we had to pat the cardigan to see if he was in there! We had a hilarious time when he tunnelled his way down the sleeve and got firmly stuck. There was his nose sticking out of the cuff and his eyes were stretched back as if he’d had a face lift. The sleeves had to be unstitched so that he couldn’t get stuck again, the buttons had already been removed, there was no way I’d be wearing it again!

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