Mr. Darcy, Rescue Dog, miniature dachshund part two.

I answered the door and instantly fell in love with the tiny dog cradled in the arms of the rescue transporter. I was a little shy after hearing about his past but he was attached to the lady who drove him to me like his life depended on it. He had only met her an hour previously.

Where was the aggressive dog I’d agree to foster?

He immediately went on a mission to inspect every inch of the house and garden as fast as he possibly could. He  was the most confident dog I had ever seen. Within seconds he literally looked like he owned the place.

It was time to meet the little chap face to face. I offered him a treat and he shied away from me. Surely he’d been given a treat before? ……….not by his reaction.

He didn’t respond to his name, which I was quite relieved about. I didn’t relish the thought of calling a famous rappers name when teaching recall anyway ,so we began to think of a name, which he would actually respond to.

So first impressions?,….. a confident little boy who didn’t know his name and had never been offered a treat. If this wasn’t heartbreaking enough he spent the whole afternoon crying at the door for the rescue lady , (the one he only met approx 90 minutes previously). This was going to be fun!

Mr Darcy2


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