The Day Darcy Came To Stay

The Day Darcy Came To Stay

It was June 2015 and I was scrolling through Facebook when a photo caught my eye. It was a mini dachshund and a rescue friend was urgently looking for a foster for him. I wasn’t planning to foster but I felt compelled to send a private message to ask about his background.

Within seconds the lady was on the phone. ‘Its complicated’ she said ‘he’s had a bad start’. I was expecting this, no rescue is ever straight forward but even I was surprised when I heard his story.

The little dog was around two years old and had five different homes. He had been used as a stud dog and kept in a kennel. Not surprisingly he had developed  trust issues and became aggressive . One of his owners had taken him to the vets to be euthanized because he no longer wanted him. So the rescue stepped in and put him in to a foster environment. Again, he became aggressive and terrorised the ladies cat. So that’s when I spotted the Facebook post.

I knew a dog who had a history of biting could not go through a normal rehoming process so if I was to take on the dog it was going to be long-term. I debated with my husband for a whole day but finally we agreed to give him a chance.

Mr Darcy3


He literally arrived the next day and life would never be the same again!

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