A Poem for a Rescue Dog by Kate Hanford


A Poem for a Rescue Dog


Kate Hanford

When we rescue a dog, it doesn’t come gift-wrapped in shiny paper with a pretty gift tag and a huge bow. They arrive broken, neglected, scared and lonely. The majority settle into their forever homes seamlessly, others carry with them the ghosts of their past. As adopters, we try to take away the hurt and bring some sunshine into their lives but the path isn’t always easy. However to see a rescued dog curled up in his nice warm bed and giving out a small sigh of contentment…makes it all worthwhile!

The poem is about a miniature dachshund called Mr, Darcy. He was around two years old when we adopted him. His bad behaviour meant this was his last chance and I was determined to make it work. He had aggressive character traits bought on through fear and had lived in many homes throughout his short life. Despite months of training, patience and kindness the fear aggression still remains. However, we have learned to recognise his triggers and he has transformed into a happy little dog.

Here is his poem:

A Poem For A Rescue Dog

A Poem for a Rescue Dog

Years have passed since we met our little man

A feisty, mini dachshund

with a coat of black and tan

We called him Mr. Darcy

because he didn’t know his name

and told him that from now on

life would never be the same

We peeled away the layers

and slowly it was clear

All he ever wanted was

a family to hold dear

His little heart was bursting

with love for someone who

could give him back some happiness

and start his life anew

To those who didn’t want him

To those who didn’t care

You had to look into his soul

to see the love that’s there

The journey isn’t easy

There are hurdles in the way

But I would never change him,

Just love him more each day.

                                                                         Kate Hanford


Darcy- A Poem For A Rescue Dog

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