Holly: Chihuahua and Shih tzu, mixed breed.

Holly is 13 years old and a force to be reckoned with!




She has a select circle of people and dogs who she would take a bullet for, anyone else?…..not a chance! ..unless you have 3 hours to spare to tickle her tummy. Then she might consider you!

I wasn’t looking for a dog but someone told me about an accidental mating between a male Shih tzu and a female chihuahua. One pup needed a home, so I ended up with a tiny cream fluff ball. This was long before the ‘designer’ dog trend, Holly was just a unique accident!

She became quite clingy so I started looking for a canine companion.. enter Alfie.

Hollyand Alfie01

They were totally bonded and soul mates for the whole of Alfie’s life.

She’s still really active and totally spoilt.


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