Weight Loss for Dogs

Weight loss tips for dogs. Just wanted to pass on these tips I have found really useful. We all know that dogs weight should be monitored closely but food orientated dogs respond well to treats. If you're worried about how many treats your dog is having, try them with green beans! Have a pack in the... Continue Reading →

All About Fostering Rescue Dogs.

      Before Darcy I fostered dogs for a rescue, giving them a home and to give an assessment of the dog's needs so that the perfect home could be found for them. Many dogs passed through, one stayed for nine months but some just three weeks. The cute ones were snapped up,  the... Continue Reading →

A Poem for a Rescue Dog

This is a poem I wrote about my rescue dog, Darcy. I'm sure it applies to many, many dogs out there A year has passed since we met our little man A feisty, mini dachshund with a coat of black and tan We called him Mr. Darcy because he didn't know his name and told him that... Continue Reading →

Waggy Tales Dog Blog

Hi everyone I wanted to start a blog to share my two great loves.....dogs and books I have always loved dogs and had a lot of experience in the rescue world both as a foster mum and home checker. I also have a mini dachshund who we adopted in 2015. Every breed will be welcome, pedigree or mixed,... Continue Reading →


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