Belgian Malinois Yoda – Hero Dog

Belgian Malinois Yoda  Hero Dog Last week I was following a true crime case in the news about an escaped prisoner in Pennsylvania USA. The convict had been on the run for almost two weeks, keeping the police and other authorities at bay by hiding in dense undergrowth, stealing a van and worst of all,... Continue Reading →

My Favourite Dog Tattoos From Pinterest

My Favourite Dog Tattoos From Pinterest Tattoos expressing our love for dogs have become immensely popular, and Pinterest is a hotspot for discovering creative canine-themed ink. Whether you're a dog enthusiast, considering a dog tattoo, or just curious about the world of dog-related body art, you're in the right place. From lifelike pet portraits to... Continue Reading →

Murder In The Bookshop by Anita Davison

  Murder In The Bookshop by Anita Davison   Description 1915, London: Working in the dusty bookshop that her Aunt Violet mysteriously inherited, Hannah Merrill is accustomed to finding twists in every tale. But discovering her beloved best friend Lily-Anne – with a paperknife through her heart – in the middle of the bookshop, is not a plotline she saw coming. The case... Continue Reading →

Why Dogs Love Humans

Why Dogs Love Humans Have you ever wondered why dogs love humans so much? What have we done to gain such unbelievable loyalty and unconditional love? Even rescue dogs, who have not been treated well by humans, soon form bonds with new owners, despite a bad start. WaggyTalesBlog   Dogs have earned the title of... Continue Reading →

Self Care Gifts For Women

Self Care Gifts For Women When was the last time you gave yourself a little treat? As women, we do so much for other people, it's easy to forget that we need a boost sometimes too. With the demands of family, earning a living, financial woes, health struggles and maintaining a home, no wonder that... Continue Reading →

Anal Glands in Dogs

Anal Glands in Dogs Anal glands, also known as anal sacs or scent glands, are small structures located on either side of a dog's anus. These glands play a role in the dog's communication and marking behaviour. Here's everything you need to know about dog's anal glands: Location and Structure: Anal glands are small, pea-sized... Continue Reading →

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